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PUBLISHED: Creation Of A Radial-Cephalic Arteriovenous Fistula

Creation of a Radial-Cephalic Arteriovenous Fistula
Nahel Elias, MD FACS
Surgical Director
Kidney Transplantation
Massachusetts General Hospital

AV fistulas provide the crucial vascular access required for patients receiving hemodialysis, a life-saving procedure for end-stage renal disease. Such patients have irreversible kidney damage and must receive a new kidney. While waiting, patients rely on hemodialysis to filter their blood to stay alive, and AV fistulas provide the sustainable vascular access required for hemodialysis. 

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OTO-Open: The Role of Video Atlases in Surgical Education

Surgical videos are a valuable resource in medical education – they help residents and students prepare for the operating room.

Dr. Scott Brown, the medical editor responsible for the creation of the Otolaryngology Section at JOMI, has published in OTO-Open an article “Development of a Surgical Video Atlas for Resident Education: 3-Year Experience“.  In this article, Dr. Brown discusses his journey, selection of cases, filming processes and challenges, and adoption of the content by residents and students.  Dr. Brown also discusses how surgical video atlases impact surgical training and the role they will play for ENT and other surgical residencies in the coming years.