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TESTIMONIAL: Like a Brand New Car… ?!

Jamey Watson, Program Chair – Surgical Technology at Athens Technical College, gave his students a 30 day trial subscription to JOMI this summer.  Here’s what happened:

“…in my lecture this afternoon I took about 20 minutes to go over the JOMI website with the students, basically showing it to them just as an idea. When I finished, I shared with them that (Athens Tech now has) a month long all access trial. You would have thought I had given them a brand new car. They were so excited. And I am too.”


TESTIMONIAL: Adam M., Medical Student

“Any medical student knows the significance of observational learning. Visual observation of disease states and procedural technique is key to assist in expeditious ingestion and digestion of potentially complicated information. As a medical student, I have limited exposure to hospital surgical environments, and has delivered an exceptional platform for me to experience a visually impactful connection to each and every case. The included notations for patient history, physical exam, pre-op and post-op imaging, options for treatment, and the rationale for each procedure show that the staff and surgeons working with are studiously professional on every plane.
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Testimonial: Abbas Naqvi, 4th year medical student

Abbas Naqvi“I’m a current 4th year medical student going into Orthopaedic Surgery. In preparation for residency, I began collecting various resources that I thought may aid my surgical education when I came across the Journal of Medical Insight. JoMI is, by far, one of the most amazing resources I’ve come across and I regret not discovering it earlier in my medical education. High definition video, consistent quality, a structured approach focused on teaching, and procedural outlines all make the platform extremely conducive to those in surgical training as well as medical students alike.”

Abbas Naqvi
4th year medical student

Testimonial: Medical Illustrator

sjohnston_headshot“I am a medical illustrator at the Stanford School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Division of Clinical Anatomy. I just learned about JoMI and have been very impressed by it so far. It has a nice interface, and I like how the videos are broken up into sections that can be jumped to easily. It would be a fantastic resource for surgical illustration.”

Stanford School of Medicine

Testimonial by a Medical Student at Universite Libre de Bruxelles

“I was mostly browsing around for surgical videos with in-depth explanations in order to be better prepared for my upcoming rotations and gain a wider exposure to the field. Overall I was really impressed by the quality of the website. It’s great to have the step-by-step explanations along with the articles beneath the videos and the clear vantage points used for filming make things very easy to follow and understand. I’ll be regularly checking for new uploads.”

Medical student at Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Testimonial by a Patient’s Father

“Last night my 15-year-old son and I viewed a video of the shoulder surgery that he may need. We are hoping that physical therapy will make the surgery unnecessary, but it was reassuring (in fact amazing) to see the state of the art for this particular procedure. It inspired confidence in me that a surgical outcome would likely be quite successful, and I think it eased some of my teenage son’s natural fears about undergoing any surgical procedure. JoMI has provided a great service for which we are grateful.”

Father of patient

Testimonial by a UC Davis Plastic Surgery Resident: Dr. Nirav Patel

NiravPatel“As a UC Davis Plastic Surgery resident, we often learn about new aesthetic and reconstructive procedures and the best ways to learn are with visual resources. Standard anatomy atlases and surgical textbooks are useful, but in the end do not provide that application to the OR short of direct, one-on-one instruction from a board-certified surgeon. The Journal of Medical Insight fills a void in our compendium of resources.”

Nirav B. Patel, MD, MS, JD
PGY-4, UC Davis Plastic Surgery