TESTIMONIAL: Adam M., Medical Student

“Any medical student knows the significance of observational learning. Visual observation of disease states and procedural technique is key to assist in expeditious ingestion and digestion of potentially complicated information. As a medical student, I have limited exposure to hospital surgical environments, and Jomi.com has delivered an exceptional platform for me to experience a visually impactful connection to each and every case. The included notations for patient history, physical exam, pre-op and post-op imaging, options for treatment, and the rationale for each procedure show that the staff and surgeons working with Jomi.com are studiously professional on every plane.

Many times the only person capable of adequately observing a procedure is the surgeon him/herself, so providing access to the surgeon’s first person perspective, as well as others from cameras within the surgical suite, is vital to clearly observe the procedure. In this way, the information and cinematography combined on Jomi.com are perhaps even more valuable than in-person observation.”

Adam M.
Medical Student
Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

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