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Testimonial: Michael Nasr, MD, Research Fellow, Medical Editor

Michael Nasr MDAs an aspiring orthopedic surgeon; my intention in this post is to share a bit about my experiences as a medical student and to articulate the role that JoMI plays in my advancement.

Orthopedics is a challenging field to enter – its growth matched by its competitive nature. One is always looking for an edge. In order to show dedication and interest in the operating room, the most useful asset for a medical student is to come prepared – to know the case, the anatomy, and even the particulars of the different surgeons. Having the opportunity to scrub-in is additionally advantageous to display competence at a level where little is expected. As a student, I would look to my library, colleagues, and online forums to find resources to invest my time preparing efficiently. Continue reading Testimonial: Michael Nasr, MD, Research Fellow, Medical Editor

Testimonial by a Medical Student: Serving the Needs of Medical Students

JOMI blog photo“If you’re a medical student like me, choosing a specialty is a hard thing to do. This is especially true for surgical specialties where it’s hard to quickly see what different surgeries are like without spending at least a 2-week block shadowing. So I went to Google to search for a video of a surgery I was interested in: cervical laminoplasty. The problem is that the results were terrible. Some were low quality animations, and others weren’t able to give me the information I was looking for as a medical student. This problem illustrates that need for a service like JoMI, where I can reliably find high quality and high yield videos ¬†and information about many different surgeries all in one place (case in point: cervical laminoplasty with Dr. Louis Jenis).”

Eric Schwaber, MD/MBA Candidate at Tufts University School of Medicine.