Resume Advice: 3 Do’s and Don’ts

Since we are entering the very exciting phase of turning from a start-up into a young company, I am finding that I am sifting through more and more resumes (thank you Tech Generation).  Here is some feedback on what we are looking for.

First and foremost, we are looking for partners, not employees.  A partner is someone who is invested, reliable, and who contributes on par while holding themselves and those around them accountable.  With that in mind, when looking through applicants, my priorities are:

  1. work ethic
  2. curiosity
  3. experience
  4. knowledge

In that order.  So…

1.  DO Show Me Something Awesome

Front-load the resume with something awesome you’ve done.  Just one thing I can look at that gives me a complete understanding that you are awesome.  Give me a link, a blurb, something that stands out.

If you show me an incredible portfolio, I don’t care what your background or GPA are.  Show me a clip you’ve made, a site you’ve built, a strategy you’ve deployed, a side project, etc. and I probably won’t bother looking at anything else.

Be brief.

Show me what happens when you do what you love.  And if you haven’t done anything, go do a Hackathon.

2. DO Show Me You’ve been Pre-Selected

If you haven’t built anything, show that you are good.  A high GPA goes a long way.  As does being from MIT, Harvard, or some other school that effectively screen talent.  If your GPA is low, don’t distract me with it and go do something awesome.

3. DO Show Me You Care

If you haven’t done anything cool and you made the arguably wise choice of not spending money on an elite school, or you have strong artistic tendencies that precluded you from being a valedictorian (not that the two mutually exclusive), then show that you care about the problem we are solving.  Invest time into demonstrating you would make a good partner.

Learn either about the industry, the market, our potential for impact, or just come in with some good ideas.  Better yet, discuss these ideas with people who have experience and domain knowledge and come in with vetted thoughts.  Some examples: feedback from a physician, requests from a medical student, marketing strategies, etc.  If you put in just a week to research, think, and be creative, we will be ecstatic to meet you.

More Advice, Cause It’s Free

Now for some Don’ts.

  • Don’t write paragraphs except in the beginning.
  • Don’t be verbose.
  • Don’t obfuscate
  • Make it easy to skim
  • Don’t be afraid to be unconventional

Whom Do We Need

Again, we are looking for partners, not employees.  A large component of being a partner is that you should quickly become really good at whatever you do with us – so good that you will tell us what needs to get done and do it.

With that said, here are the general directions where we feel we need good partners:

  • tech – web development, infrastructure, etc.
  • video – video editors, animators, videographers
  • editorial – medical editors
  • bizdev – sales, marketing, pr
  • ops – accounting

For more details, please go here.

If you are interested, please send us an email at

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