Why are JOMI Video-Articles So Long?

On occasion, we get an inquiry along the lines of “Why are JOMI’s video-articles so long? Why don’t you make shorter videos? That would be so helpful!”

Short videos are tremendously helpful. Eventually, we may begin offering shorter content alongside the long-form articles. However, the goal of JOMI is not to do quick reviews, but to offer long-form virtual shadowing experiences. JOMI is a unique resource offering a deeper educational experience.

JOMI video-articles are meant to be closer to in-person shadowing and are intended for audiences who would benefit from a front-row seat. In JOMI peer-reviewed masterclasses, the operating surgeon narrates the case meticulously guiding the viewer one step at a time. JOMI video-articles don’t just cover the key steps, but seek to give the viewer an opportunity to observe all aspects of the surgery, prepare for individual roles, understand the anatomy involved, listen to real-time decision-making, and be ready for any potential challenges or complications.

How are JOMI Video-Articles Structured and Why?

A JOMI video-article consists of the following components:

  • video – a video that is structured to optimally present the shadowing experience. This may include:

    • an introduction by the operating surgeon.

    • an animation presenting key steps of the procedure.

    • the full case – filmed from incision-to-closure, the videos are edited to maximize learning.  That is, they seek to give a complete experience, while shortening the redundant segments.

      For example: when suturing, the video may show the first few throws to demonstrate technique, which layers are used, etc. and then the video shows the rest of the closure in accelerated mode.
  • chapters – the videos are divided into chapters, which are displayed on the left of the page. This allows for quick and easy access to specific parts of the procedure that may be of particular interest to different viewers during different stages of training.
  • text and imaging – every article is accompanied by an extensive writeup of the case that goes into as much detail as necessary. This includes the case overview, patient history, imaging, discussion, equipment, etc.

Who are the JOMI Video-Articles Meant for?

JOMI video-articles are meant for anyone who would benefit from shadowing surgeries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • surgeons preparing cases with which they do not have significant experience.

  • medical students undergoing clerkships seeking to gain exposure to a wider variety of cases.

  • surgical technologists and physician assistants during training and in preparation for cases.

The goal of JOMI articles is to transport the viewer, anywhere in the world, straight into an OR, to observe and virtually scrub in with expert surgeons.