PUBLISHED: Rives-Stoppa Retromuscular Repair for Incisional Hernia

Rives-Stoppa Retromuscular Repair for Incisional Hernia
Katherine Albutt, MD; Peter Fagenholz, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

There is no consensus on the optimal method of ventral hernia repair, and the choice of techniques is typically dictated by a combination of patient factors and surgeon expertise. Component separation techniques allow medial advancement of the rectus abdominis muscle to create a midline tension-free fascial closure.

In this case, we describe a posterior component separation with retrorectus mesh placement, also known as a Rives-Stoppa retromuscular repair. With low morbidity and mortality, this technique provides a durable repair with low rates of recurrence and surgical site infection while providing dynamic muscle support and physiologic tension, preventing eventration, and allowing incorporation of mesh into the existing abdominal wall.