PUBLISHED: Surgical Staplers

Surgical Staplers
Brandon Buckner, CST, CRCST
Lamar State College Port Arthur (TX)

For nearly two centuries, surgeons have been using mechanical devices to approximate tissues and facilitate their healing process. Currently, surgical staplers are widely used and have become essential tools in surgery. Staples facilitate rapid wound closure, hence shortening the duration of the surgical procedure. In comparison to intradermal sutures, stapling is associated with better cosmetic outcomes.

Staplers are classified into five categories: circular, linear, linear cutting, ligating, and skin staplers. With distinct names, color-coded features, and variations in length and tissue thickness, each stapler serves a specific purpose in the surgical setting. The distinct characteristics of various tissue types in the human body significantly influence the selection of staples. This video aims to provide a comprehensive overview of stapling instruments and their associated use.