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PUBLISHED: Primary Low Transverse C-Section

Primary Low Transverse C-Section
Taylor P. Stewart, MD; Juliana B. Taney, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

Cesarean sections, often referred to as c-sections, are the most common operation performed for pregnant people across the US. They are viewed as a safe mode of fetal delivery. While there are many indications for planned, non-elective primary cesarean deliveries, there are growing numbers of planned, elective primary c-sections in the US. Vaginal delivery should still be considered in all cases in which an elective c-section is requested. The decision regarding mode of delivery often involves an interdisciplinary discussion between obstetrical, anesthesia, and specialty teams as well as joint decision making between a patient and their provider, taking into consideration their concerns and long-term goals.

In this case, an elective primary c-section was performed on a 31-year-old gravida 1 para 0 patient with a term, singleton gestation in the setting of prior lumbar sacral fusion and pelvic fixation surgeries.