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PUBLISHED: Local Tissue Rearrangement for Hypertrophic Chemical Burn: Z-Plasty and VY-Plasty

Local Tissue Rearrangement for Hypertrophic Chemical Burn: Z-Plasty and VY-Plasty
Daniel N. Driscoll, MD, FACS¹; Lisa Gfrerer, MD, PhD²; Robert Dabek, MD³; Aleia M. Boccardi*
¹Shriners Hospitals for Children – Boston
²Harvard Plastic Surgery Combined Residency Program
³Massachusetts General Hospital
*Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hypertrophic scarring following burn injuries has been shown to occur in up to 70% of patients, potentially causing both long-term psychological and physical morbidity. Increased rates of depression and anxiety are seen to arise from aesthetic dissatisfaction, affecting patient rehabilitation and subsequent societal interaction. Mobility is jeopardized from contractures that develop within the damaged tissue, leading to decreased range of motion and function of the area. Both sequelae leave the patient with an overall decreased quality of life.

Surgical techniques involving local tissue rearrangement, including Z-plasty and VY-plasty can be employed to improve both the function and cosmetic effects of burn scars. Essentially, these techniques illicit a decrease in tension through a lengthening of contracted tissue of up to 50–70%, allowing for better static alignment and increased mobility over joint surfaces. This video depicts the combination of both tissue rearrangement techniques as applied to hypertrophic scar contractures resulting from prior burn injuries. These techniques are an invaluable part of a reconstructive surgeons’ armamentarium when approaching scar revision.