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PUBLISHED: Partial Glossectomy

Partial Glossectomy
Liana Puscas, MD, MHS1C. Scott Brown, MD1Vahagn G. Hambardzumyan, MD2
1Duke University Medical Center
2Yerevan State Medical University, Heratsi Hospital Complex

In this clinical case, a patient presented with a well-circumscribed lesion on her tongue, causing interference with eating as it grew. Despite its benign appearance, an initial in-office biopsy was performed and metastatic breast cancer was found.

Jaw and oral cavity involvement by metastatic disease is very rare, occurring in less than 1% of all oral malignancies. In this video, a partial glossectomy was performed to remove the lesion.

PREPRINT RELEASE: Partial Glossectomy

Partial Glossectomy
Duke University Medical Center
Liana Puscas, MD, MHS
Associate Director, Otolaryngology Residency Program
Associate Professor of Surgery
C. Scott Brown, MD
Department of Surgery
Division of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences

A patient presented with a well-circumscribed lesion of her tongue that had been interfering with eating as it grew. After an in-office biopsy that diagnosed it as metastatic breast cancer, Dr. Liana Puscas and her resident perform a partial glossectomy to alleviate the patient’s symptoms.