JoMI Announces Collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital

Lillimoe_Whipple_StillMassachusetts General Hospital Partners With JoMI To Film And Publish Top Surgeries For Online Medical Journal., 1/14/2015 – Boston, Massachusetts – The Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI, announced today a collaboration with the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the number one ranked hospital in New England and number two in the Nation, to publish their top surgeries and provide an online virtual operating theater experience where surgeons and students globally learn from leading surgeons at MGH.

The first article in this collaboration is a Whipple procedure performed by Dr. Keith Lillemoe, Chief of Surgery at the Department of Surgery at MGH.

“MGH is one of the leading institutions in surgical education, particularly in technical performance of both common and complex surgical procedures”, says Dr. Lillemoe. “The partnership with JoMI is a natural one in that it allows MGH surgeons to teach beyond the confines of our own institution. In effect, JoMI provides a virtual surgical theater allowing anyone to scrub in on a case with a surgeon at MGH.”

JoMI films surgical cases using multiple high definition cameras to produce video-articles. Each article consists of a concise surgeon-narrated video with animations, a text article, and a step-by-step protocol. Surgeons at MGH collaborate closely with JoMI to ensure the quality and accuracy of each procedure prior to publication.

“Surgical care is evolving very quickly, making education extremely important from the outcomes perspective,” explains Nikita Bernstein, JoMI Founder and CEO. “Learning by watching is essential to surgical education, which makes it all the more exciting that surgeons at MGH, one of the leading hospitals in the world, will be contributing to our endeavor, impacting quality of care around the world.” Subscriptions to JoMI are open to hospitals, universities and individuals.

The Whipple procedure, or pancreaticoduodenectomy, is the most common operation performed to treat pancreatic masses and offers the best chance for long term control of certain pancreatic diseases, such as neoplasms. A Pre-Print version of the Whipple procedure is available at:

About JoMI: Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI, is a medical video journal that allows its users to experience a virtual operating theater through professionally-filmed surgeries performed and narrated by the leading physicians.


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  1. Congratulations! This is huge news and very exciting. As a Nurse Practitioner, I can tell you I think this is really very interesting and something I know I’d follow just to learn more. Nicely done!

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