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PUBLISHED: Subtalar Arthrodesis for Post-Traumatic Subtalar Arthritis

Subtalar Arthrodesis for Post-Traumatic Subtalar Arthritis
Massachusetts General Hospital

Christopher W. DiGiovanni, MD
Chief of the Foot & Ankle Service
Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
Massachusetts General Hospital

Subtalar arthrodesis is currently the mainstay treatment option for the management of recalcitrant subtalar arthrosis.

The patient in this case is a 45-year-old male who developed post-traumatic arthritis of the subtalar joint 14 years following a work-related injury in which he sustained a comminuted, joint-depression type calcaneal fracture after a 10-foot fall from a ladder. Seven years after the initial injury, imaging prompted by progressive hindfoot pain during weight-bearing or following activity revealed progressive degeneration of the subtalar joint, for which he was treated with orthoses, corticosteroid injections, and arthroscopic debridement. After exhausting both conservative and minimally invasive treatment measures at 14 years post-injury, he finally elected to undergo subtalar arthrodesis.

This video article details the methods and techniques involved in subtalar arthrodesis. After an Ollier approach was used to expose the subtalar joint, the arthritic cartilage was removed and the subchondral plate was perforated. Finally, an autogenous bone graft was harvested from the proximal tibia and inserted into the joint space, and compression was achieved by two lag screws.