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PUBLISHED: Transcervical Vocal Fold Injection (In-Office)

Transcervical Vocal Fold Injection (In-Office)
Seth M. Cohen, MD, MPHC. Scott Brown, MD
Duke University Medical Center

Vocal fold injection (VFI) is a treatment modality applicable to various laryngeal diseases and is successfully used as an alternative to laryngeal framework surgery. The indications for in-office VFI include vocal fold paralysis, paresis, atrophy, and scarring along with their sequelae. This video is a detailed demonstration of office-based VFI in a patient with unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP), which is the most common neurologic disorder affecting the larynx.

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0149-screenshotTranscervical Vocal Fold Injection (in-office)
Seth M. Cohen, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Division of Head and Neck Surgery
Duke Voice Care Center

Dr. Cohen performs an in-office vocal cord injection for a patient suffering from idiopathic unilateral vocal cord paralysis.