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ACS Bulletin: JOMI As the Future of Surgical Education

“The future is in video journals and JoMI will be at the head of the line showing how to do it.”

Wonderful conversation about the future of surgical education with JoMI surgical video masterclasses at the helm! @AmCollSurgeons @SWexner, Dr. Keith Lillemoe @MGHSurgery, our EIC @DrTiffanyChao @StanfordSurgery – thank you so much for the feature!

Watch the full video here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=43qP8dO9-MM&t=939s&ab_channel=AmericanCollegeofSurgeons…

and read our feature in the @AmCollSurgeons Bulletin here: https://facs.org/publications/bulletin-brief/081721/pulse…

State of Surgical Video Report

Link to full report: https://jomi.com/report-state-surgical-video/


Today, many resources for surgical videos are accessible online, each with its own purpose and intended audience. The goal of this study is to ensure that the modern surgical student and teacher are aware of 1) which resources are available, 2) their intended purposes, and 3) their value as an educational tool. Continue reading State of Surgical Video Report