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ACS Bulletin: JOMI As the Future of Surgical Education

“The future is in video journals and JoMI will be at the head of the line showing how to do it.”

Wonderful conversation about the future of surgical education with JoMI surgical video masterclasses at the helm! @AmCollSurgeons @SWexner, Dr. Keith Lillemoe @MGHSurgery, our EIC @DrTiffanyChao @StanfordSurgery – thank you so much for the feature!

Watch the full video here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=43qP8dO9-MM&t=939s&ab_channel=AmericanCollegeofSurgeons…

and read our feature in the @AmCollSurgeons Bulletin here: https://facs.org/publications/bulletin-brief/081721/pulse…

Value of JOMI in a Pandemic

We have published a page outlining the value that JOMI brings to various users in context of a pandemic: https://jomi.com/Value-of-JOMI-in-a-Pandemic

In Summary: access to the OR is limited, elective surgical volume is down, and an opportunity to watch high-quality surgical videos is of significant value to medical students going through clerkships, residents, and anyone else who would generally benefit from in-person surgery.

OTO-Open: The Role of Video Atlases in Surgical Education

Surgical videos are a valuable resource in medical education – they help residents and students prepare for the operating room.

Dr. Scott Brown, the medical editor responsible for the creation of the Otolaryngology Section at JOMI, has published in OTO-Open an article “Development of a Surgical Video Atlas for Resident Education: 3-Year Experience“.  In this article, Dr. Brown discusses his journey, selection of cases, filming processes and challenges, and adoption of the content by residents and students.  Dr. Brown also discusses how surgical video atlases impact surgical training and the role they will play for ENT and other surgical residencies in the coming years.


SERIES RELEASE: Basic Skills for the OR

Basic Skills for the OR
Lamar State College Port Arthur (TX)

Brandon Buckner, CST, CRCST
Program Director, Surgical Technology
Lamar State College Port Arthur (TX)

This series covers some of the basic skills, surgical instruments, and sterile techniques commonly used in the operating room. Topics include scalpels, sutures, staplers, laparoscopic instruments, and how to open sterile surgical packs and instrument containers.

Access Surgery Partners with JoMI to Improve Surgical Education


McGraw Hill has partnered with JOMI Surgical Video Journal (https://jomi.com) to provide condensed JOMI surgical video articles via Access Surgery (http://accesssurgery.mhmedical.com/).

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JoMI (Journal of Medical Insight, https://jomi.com), a Boston-based peer-reviewed surgical video journal, is now featured in McGraw Hill’s Access Surgery (http://accesssurgery.mhmedical.com/).

Full Press Release Available Here.


SurgeonWorkforce Creates Map Highlighting Gaps in Surgical Care

Developing regions all over the world are medically underserved and experience tremendous gaps in the availability of surgical care, which most outside of the medical community remain unaware of. The region made up of East, Central, and Southern Africa is one such area. SurgeonWorkforce (http://www.cosecsa.org/global-surgery-map), an interactive map, aims to create awareness about this dearth by offering insight into surgical workforce distribution in the region.

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PREPRINT RELEASE: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of a Diaphyseal Humeral Fracture

feature photoOpen Reduction and Internal Fixation of a Diaphyseal Humeral Fracture
Michael Weaver MD
Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Weaver treats a periprosthetic humeral spiral fracture using contoured plating. The posterolateral approach helps prevent dissection of the triceps for adequate exposure of the fracture.

PRINT RELEASE: Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction with Bone Patellar Bone Graft using Anteromedial Technique

0045-265204-featuredArthroscopic ACL Reconstruction with Bone Patellar Bone Graft using Anteromedial Technique
Xinning “Tiger” Li MD
Division of Sports Medicine, Boston Medical Center


Dr. Li addresses an ACL torn after a pivot shift incident using a BTB autograft. The anteromedial approach to ACL reconstruction offers the advantage of reliably reproducing the native anatomy of the ACL on the femur footprint by drilling the femoral tunnel independently of the tibial tunnel.