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PUBLISHED: Laparoscopic Subtotal Fenestrating Cholecystectomy in a Cirrhotic Patient

Laparoscopic Subtotal Fenestrating Cholecystectomy in a Cirrhotic Patient
Rachel M. Schneider, MPH; Nicole B. Cherng, MD
UMass Memorial Medical Center

In patients with difficult gallbladders due to anatomy prohibiting a clear critical view of safety, a subtotal cholecystectomy can be considered as a safer alternative to a total cholecystectomy. Subtotal cholecystectomies can be divided into “reconstituting” or “fenestrating.” Subtotal reconstituting cholecystectomies include closing off the lower end of the gallbladder to create a remnant gallbladder, while subtotal fenestrating cholecystectomies do not occlude the gallbladder and instead may involve suturing the cystic duct. The most common indication for subtotal fenestrating cholecystectomy is inflammation in the hepatocystic triangle, and subtotal fenestrating cholecystectomy has proven to be useful specifically for patients with a history of cirrhosis.

This case report describes the performance of a subtotal fenestrating cholecystectomy for the management of acute on chronic cholecystitis in a patient with cirrhosis initially managed with transcystic stent placement endoscopically. Management of this patient’s omental adhesions to the gallbladder required alterations to typical surgical technique, which will be described in this report. Additionally, the indications for subtotal fenestrating cholecystectomy will be discussed alongside the benefit of this technique to specific patient populations presenting with acute on chronic cholecystitis.