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PUBLISHED: Robotic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis

Robotic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis
Constantine M. Poulos, MD1Tong-Yan Chen, MD2Lana Schumacher, MD, MS, FACS1
1Tufts Medical Center
2Massachusetts General Hospital

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease affecting acetylcholine transmission involved in skeletal muscle contraction. The approach to myasthenic patients is complex as optimal treatment involves a multidisciplinary technique of combined medical and surgical therapies. Medical therapy with acetylcholinesterases and immunomodulators can provide symptom relief and eliminate feelings of fatigue and weakness.

Surgical thymectomy can help by reducing symptoms, preventing recurrence, and reducing daily medication requirements. Thymectomy was traditionally performed via a transsternal approach, but minimally invasive and robotic techniques have become increasingly common. This article presents a robotic total thymectomy through a left-sided approach.

PUBLISHED: Combined Thymectomy and Right Lower Lobe Pulmonary Wedge Resection by Thoracoscopy

Combined Thymectomy and Right Lower Lobe Pulmonary Wedge Resection by Thoracoscopy
M. Lucia Madariaga, MDHenning A. Gaissert, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

With the increasing use of computed tomography (CT) for screening and diagnostic workup, increasing numbers of patients are found to have pulmonary nodules. The patient in this case presented with vision changes, neck weakness, and dysphagia. Workup revealed non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis as well as an incidental right lower lobe lung nodule that was suspicious for malignancy based on imaging characteristics, interval growth, and history of breast cancer.

She required a lung resection for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Additionally, a thymectomy was indicated to help control her myasthenia gravis symptoms. Consequently, a combined approach was conducted.

PREPRINT RELEASE: Wedge Resection of the Lung and Thymectomy by Thoracoscopy

Wedge Resection of the Lung and Thymectomy by Thoracoscopy
Massachusetts General Hospital
Henning A. Gaissert, MD
Lucia Madariaga, MD

Visiting Surgeon, MGH & Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Fellow in Thoracic Surgery, MGH

A patient with myasthenia gravis undergoes a procedure meant to originally be a lobectomy and thymectomy. Henning Gaissert, MD decides to do a lobe wedge resection instead given the tumor’s positioning and carcinoid nature before proceeding with the thymectomy. Please note that the patient had to return to the OR the following day due to bleeding near the internal mammary vein.