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Harrassowitz LogoPer request from one of our customers, JoMI is now available through Harrassowitz (, a subscription agent based out of Wiesbaden in Germany.  Harrassowitz started out as an antiquarian bookseller in Leipzig in 1872 and acquired their first American customer, Harvard University, in 1882.  Harrassowitz offer full subscription services to all scholarly journals (About Harrassowitz).

JoMI Publishes Dr. Matthew Provencher, Chief of Sports Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

JoMI has just published a new video article by Dr. Matthew Provencher, Chief of Sports Medicine at the  Massachusetts General Hospital and Medical Director of the New England Patriots.

The video article covers in detail a procedure to resurface the cartilage of the knee for a patient with a condition called Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD).

Provencher Screenshot

Matthew Provencher, MD
Chief, Sports Medicine Division
Massachusetts General Hospital

JoMI Featured at AAOS 2014

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Dr. Matthew Provencher from the Massachusetts General Hospital Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery presented excerpts from his soon to be published JoMI video article at the AAOS 2014 meeting in New Orleans on Friday, March 14th. The complete video article will comprehensively cover the technique of an arthroscopic Bankart repair for recurrent anterior shoulder instability.

In the first excerpt Dr. Provencher shows how to safely and effectively position the patient for the repair. The second clip shows how to locate the posterolateral portal and place a suture anchor in the 6 o’clock position of the labrum from this portal. Next, he demonstrates the tying and cinching of an arthroscopic knot. In the fourth clip, Dr. Provencher uses labral tape and a knotless suture anchor to re-attach the labrum to the glenoid rim.

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