Congratulations to Xinning “Tiger” Li, MD!

tigerli-articleJoMI extends a warm congratulations to one of our authors, Xinning “Tiger” Li, MD for receiving the ​2015 North American Traveling Fellowship from the American Orthopaedic Association. This is one of the highest honors in academic orthopaedics. For more details on this prestigious award and Dr. Li’s background please see the Boston Medical Center’s original article, found here:

Stop Feeling Useless – How to Improve Your Shadowing Experience

Premed blogMore often than not, shadowing is a pain. Getting the honest attention of a doctor as a pre-med student regularly ends as a futile attempt at trying to live out some dramatic fantasy. As a requirement for medical school, shadowing is a necessary evil.

Most students put too many expectations on their ideas of what shadowing will be like – I know I did – and thus leave the door wide open for disappointment. It’s not our fault! We’re entitled to our expectations and a lot of times they’re valid.  Shadowing, however, is one experience that left me wanting.  Does it have to be that way?

Having discovered JoMI, I am here to say: it does not.  As someone entering medical school, I’m compelled to share my opinions on how JoMI can make shadowing as a pre-med, and presumably a med student, better meet our expectations.

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State of Surgical Video Report

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Today, many resources for surgical videos are accessible online, each with its own purpose and intended audience. The goal of this study is to ensure that the modern surgical student and teacher are aware of 1) which resources are available, 2) their intended purposes, and 3) their value as an educational tool. Continue reading State of Surgical Video Report